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Jessie English

Freelance Paralegal

Jessie earned her Paralegal Associate of Technical Arts Degree from the Edmonds Community College ABA-approved paralegal program in December, 2011. She has been employed as a full time paralegal since January, 2012. Her experience includes working with plaintiffs, employers and their Third Party Administrators, and insurance companies and their insureds. She has a particular skill and special interest in drafting correspondence and documents.

Jessie views her role as an integral part of the legal system. As a paralegal, she takes on the critical but time consuming tasks of document review to identify issues, providers, key medical findings, and other important issues, and calls these out for further analysis by the assigned

attorney. She also synthesizes large bodies of documents and records into a comprehensive summary, evaluation, or report as needed. Issue spotting is a valuable skill that also lends itself to drafting case-specific discovery requests.

Paralegals are virtually unlimited assets to attorneys and legal professionals, and Jessie has the expertise and drive to help you clear your desk and your task list from any burdensome or time consuming projects that may be delaying your progress or your caseload. 

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